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6       Equipment Rental




            Equipment Rental

          Never (again) turn a job down for lack of equipment.
          Interlink Supply delivers direct to your site, fast and
          discreetly. We understand the importance of emergency
          services and will support you in any way needed to help

          you succeed.

                 Before You Turn Down a Job

              Consider ALL Your Options

           • LGR Dehumidifiers

           • Dessicant Dehumidifiers

           • Air Movers

           • Hydroxyls

           • Heaters

           • Air Conditioning

           • Negative Air Machines

           • And much more!

           With locations all
           across the nation,               LOCATIONS

           we’re sure to have             NATIONWIDE!
           what you need and get
           it to you quick!

             Ask your sales representative for more details and pricing information!
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