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        Making a quality chemical requires a lot more than just a good formula. “The Bridgepoint Systems Way” is a   CHEMICALS
        holistic approach to chemical manufacturing that ensures the production of quality product, batch after batch.

        Quality People – People are at the core of everything we   Quality Raw Materials – All raw materials are approved
        do and the reason it’s listed first. Our people are the best at what   and vetted by our chemists through extensive real-world textile
        they do and take enormous pride in creating the industry’s most   testing. We don’t cut corners on quality ingredients. Ever.
        innovative cleaning solutions.
                                                                 Quality  Process – Each batch goes through a strict
        Quality Formulas – Our formulas use the most state-of-   quality control process and must meet all of our specifications
        the-art  ingredients  available.  This  allows  us  to  maintain  a  high   or it never ships.
        performance standard while also using ingredients that are better
        for you, your customer and the environment.              Quality Result – The above components guarantee that
                                                                 our contractors will achieve the QUALITY result they promise to
                                                                 their customer. It’s our promise to you.

                                      Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love.

                                                                                               Proudly made in Utah.

                                                                               Where the science of cleaning becomes an art.

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