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4       Education Materials

         Free Fast Track Cleaning Guides from Your Interlink Supply Location!

         These Cleaning Guides explain exactly which products and the step-by-step
         procedures necessary to complete a wide variety of cleaning operations, and can
         be an important part of your technical training and operations system:
           •  Your technicians are never stuck for an answer or a way to perform a
             particular service.
           •  All your techs are performing the services you offer the same way with the
             same products for process consistency and the highest quality every time!
           •  You get the full benefit of the systems that Bridgepoint created so that the
             products work together for the very best results.
         The Cleaning Guides are available FREE from your Interlink Supply location or you
         may purchase long lasting LAMINATED Cleaning Guides for durability. A great
         resource for every service vehicle!

                                                                     Laminated Business Building Systems Guide  LB295
         The Cleaning Guides                                 Avenge Upholstery Cleaning System / Specialty Fibers  LB293
         are FREE from your                                       Tile, Grout, and Hard Surface / Hardwood Floor  LB2941
         Interlink Supply                             Carpet Cleaning System / Encapsulation / Spot & Stain / Odor  LB2921
                                                                                      Leather Cleaning Guide  LB2961
         location, but they                                                          Concrete Cleaning Guide  LB2971
         can be purchased as                                             Fast Track Commercial Cleaning Guide  LB2981
         Laminated Guides
         for durability.

         Cleaning Procedure Guides
         We have made our cleaning systems easy to use with our Cleaning Procedure Guides. These guides can be found throughout this
         catalog and are a great resource for learning new cleaning procedures or how to use specific products.

                                                                              STONE, CLEANING AND
                        CARPET CLEANING                                       SEALING
                        Page 13
                                                                              Page 86
                                                                              CONCRETE, TILE AND GROUT
                        ENCAPSULATION CLEANING                                CLEANING
                        Page 29
                                                                              Page 83
                        UPHOLSTERY                                            HARDWOOD FLOOR  CLEANING
                        CLEANING                                              Page 88
                        Page 78

                        SPOT & STAIN REMOVAL                                  ORIENTAL RUGS CLEANING
                        Page 36                                               Page 72

                        DEODORIZATION AND ODOR                                FIRE AND SMOKE ODOR
                        CONTROL                                               CLEANING
                        Page 69                                               Page 112

                        LEATHER CLEANING
                        Page 90

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