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2       Education Schedule

                                     Bridgepoint University
           UNIVERSITY                Bridgepoint University and Interlink Supply work together to bring you top-tier training and
                                     education at over 70 Interlink Supply locations across the United States. This ensures that there
                                     are educational opportunities near you. With some of the finest instructors in the industry, they
                                     will teach you the information that is critical for your success and building a strong business.
                                     Classes follow IICRC guidelines to make sure you or your technicians receive the proper credit for
                                     attending the course.
                                     Classes include (we have many more that are not listed):
                                      •  IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)
                                      •  IICRC Commercial Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)
                                      •  IICRC Upholstery/Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT)
                                      •  IICRC Stone, Masonry, and Tile Cleaning Technician (SMT)
                                      •  IICRC Deodorization and Odor Control
                                      •  IICRC Water Damage Restoration (WRT)
                                      •  ICRC Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration (FSRT) and more
                                     For more information, go to and click on
                                     the Training & Education link.

                                         BRIDGEPOINT               Find a class near you.
                                         UNIVERSITY                You can find dates and locations of the Fast Track Diversify for

                                                                   Success or the Fast Track Accelerate Your Business classes at
                                                          and click on the Training & Education link or
                                             interlinksupply    ®  visit and click on Education and Events.

                               interlinksupply                    ®

          Interlink Supply Flood House

       Come learn in our flooded fully-furnished, 2-story, independent, free-standing facility.

                                      Not a modular home (like most other flood houses), the Interlink
                                      Supply Flood House provides true drying challenges, including:

                                          Both plaster & lathe walls and drywall   Crawl-space filler of both sand and pebbles
                                          (with different insulation materials)
                                                                                 True hardwood ceiling beams
                                          Clay brick exterior (shows effects
                                          on drying interior construction)       Central, 6-ton, 300amp HVAC service

                                          Genuine hardwood flooring, plus        Spider boxes and power splitters
                                          concrete block
                Residential &
                Construction            FLOOD HOUSE CLASSES INCLUDE:
                                         Applied Microbial Remediation | Applied Structural Drying | Commercial Drying Specialist
                                         Fire & Smoke Restoration | Odor Control Tech | Water Restoration Tech and more!
                                        For more information email
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